Why Choose Milk Silk?

Why choose milk silk, you may wonder? As a proud bamboo brand, we prioritize expanding sizing, offering more daywear options, and providing a range of price points that cater to all.

Milk silk boasts hypoallergenic properties and a pH level similar to human skin, making it ideal for moisture-wicking and breathability. Unlike our bamboo counterparts, milk silk is primarily polyester, offering a luxurious silky texture with enhanced thickness and durability.

The production of milk silk is environmentally friendly, consuming significantly less water compared to cotton. Naturally derived from milk and devoid of chemicals, milk fiber protein, casein, is rich in amino acids, offering skin-hydrating benefits through clothing.

Moreover, we are thrilled to offer milk silk products at a more affordable price point than bamboo. While bamboo remains our primary focus, especially for beloved pajamas, introducing eco-friendly fabric lines at a lower cost excites us. We hope you embrace milk silk as much as we do, but rest assured, bamboo will always remain a staple in our collection.


You may check out our bamboo website here: 3babesboutique.com